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Hydrotest Pros CEO Responds To Texas Earthquake

Feb Fri, 20by Tyler 0

hydrotest pressure earthquake safety

In light of the recent 3.3 magnitude Texas earthquake reported east of Odessa, Hydrotest Pros CEO Paige Melancon speaks out in regards to the continued safe operation of oilfield pipeline systems.

“Thank God nobody was hurt. Maybe it’s a reminder that safety always comes first and that people depend on our industry to keep them safe in times like these.” He continued “Because we are so meticulous when it comes to testing the integrity of a pipeline system, they are able to survive such strain of this magnitude.”

Natural Force Damage is just one of many causes that result in pipeline failure. External forces can easily compromise a weak foundation, which is a huge reason to properly test a pipeline system. Damaged systems could lead to environmental hazards, explosions, contamination of wildlife, and pollution of drinking water supplies. If you haven’t tested your pipeline system in quite a while, now might be a great time to do so.

“I salute our industry partners and modern day engineering for enduring this level of stress without incident.” Melancon ended.

Although earthquakes are known for happening in areas such as California, this shows that a Texas earthquake is a natural force that could continue to occur. If your pipeline system is in need for service or overdue for standard testing, give Hydrotest Pros a call at any time and allow us to help to ensure the continued safe operation of your system.


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