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In light of the recent 3.3 magnitude Texas earthquake reported east of Odessa, Hydrotest Pros CEO Paige Melancon speaks out in regards to the continued safe operation of oilfield pipeline systems. “Thank God nobody was hurt. Maybe it’s a reminder that safety always comes first and that people depend on our industry to keep them […]
Equipment plays a major role in the pipeline industry and the best way to avoid safety risks while using dangerous equipment during pressure testing is to hire a professional crew who are experts in the equipment being used. Hiring the right hydrotest crew can seem a bit intimidating, however knowing what to look for makes it easy to do. Hydrotest Pros […]
There are no shortcuts in the pipeline industry being that equipment inspection requires meticulous and ongoing supervision. Equipment safety is one of the most important factors when successfully pressure testing a pipeline system. Hoses, piping, and other connected equipment that carry oil from one place to another can weaken over time from lack of maintenance or average […]